About the SCLC-SC

In 1964 The Southern Christian Leadership Conference West got its beginnings in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Thomas Kilgore, Jr. and Douglas Dollarhide, the first Black Mayor of Compton, opened the Los Angeles office, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Los Angeles was formed. SCLC-SC of Southern California is a community resource, which works to improve the condition of the impoverished. It is governed by a board that consists of business professionals, educators, religious leaders and community organizers. Through wealth development, community and employment empowerment, technology literacy and access, as well as youth educational advocacy, we seek to close the economic gap between minorities and mainstream majority. Through the implementation of Christian ethics, we strive to end hunger and tackle its origin, resulting from economic disenfranchisement. We employ our skills sets to meet the fundamental needs of the under-served populations in Southern California. We at SCLC-SC challenge all people of good will, of every persuasion, who believe in the principles espoused by Martin Luther King, Jr. to join us in our mission.



  • Initiative for Investing in Job creation, Financial Literacy and Wealth creation
  • Initiative for Voter Education & Registration
  • Initiative to promote Education and opportunities for learning
  • Initiative for Technology Literacy & Access in Partnership with Foundation for Successful Solutions (FSS) fsstech.org
  • Initiative to train youth underserved 8 to 12 in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.)
  • Initiative to Train Fathers to Support the Educational Endeavors of their Children
  • Initiative to train the Next Generation of Leadership through the Emerging Leaders Committee

Founded in 2013, the Emerging Leaders Committee of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California is an opportunity for young adults ages 21-36 to engage in social activism to enrich their community. The Emerging Leaders Committee of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California is focused on embodying Dr. Martin Luther King’s concept of “reversing the default on the promissory note” by ensuring every American has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by promoting economic empowerment, higher education, and civic engagement. The Committee utilizes their collective voices to draw attention to the unique struggles of African Americans, by engaging in strategic outreach and social justice activism to create permanent systematic change to benefit the underserved and disenfranchised. The Committee is actively engaged in the Southern California community by hosting job fairs, oratorical contests, and community forums on issues relating to social reform and justice.