With the desegregation of the Montgomery bus system on December 20, 1956, the boycott was carried out by the newly established Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA). Martin Luther King, Jr. served as President and Ralph David Abernathy served as Program Director. It was one of history’s most dramatic and massive nonviolent protests, stunning the nation and the world. The boycott was also a signal to Black America to begin a new phase of the long struggle, a phase that came to be known as the modern civil rights movement.

As bus boycotts spread across the South, leaders of the MIA and other protest groups met in Atlanta on January 10 – 11, 1957, to form a regional organization and coordinate protest activities across the South. Ralph David Abernathy – during the Atlanta meeting, along with 60 persons from 10 states – assembled announcing the founding of the Southern Leadership Conference on Transportation and Nonviolent Integration. They issued a document declaring that civil rights are Essential to democracy, that segregation must end and that all Black people should reject segregation absolutely and nonviolently


In 1964 The Southern Christian Leadership Conference West got its beginnings in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Dr Thomas Kilgore, Jr. and Douglas Dollarhide, the first Black Mayor of Compton, opened the Los Angeles office, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Los Angeles was formed.



All Event Free except those with ($)

Jan. 6th 7pm-9pm Opening Reception King Legacy Week
Jan 7th 9am-12pm First Annual Martin Luther King Jr Social Action Conference “Stakes Are High: Race, Faith and Hope for the Future”
Jan. 8th 4pm SCLC-SC 60th Anniversary Celebration & Ecumenical Worship Service. Speaker: Bishop Clement W. Fugh, Presiding Prelate of the Fifth Episcopal District of the AME Church
Jan. 9th 6pm Community Labor Program: ”Connecting the his- torical importance of the labor and the civil rights movement”
Jan. 10th 11:30am-1:30pm “Theology in The Hood”
Theologian’s Luncheon
Jan.10th 6pm Essay / Oratorical Contest Finals
Jan. 11th 11:30am-1:30pm “Theology in The Hood”
Theologians Lecture
Jan. 11th 6pm-8pm “Praying with Our Feet” Extending the Legacy of Abraham Joshua Heschel , & Martin Luther King, Jr. Speakers and Discussion for Millennial
Jan. 11th 7pm “Theology in The Hood” Revival
Rev. Michael Waters from Dallas Texas
Jan. 12th 8am       ($) SCLC-SC MLK Interfaith Prayer Breakfast
Rev. Kevin Sauls, Speaker
Jan. 12th 7pm “Theology in The Hood”
Jan. 13th 10am SCLC-SC Day at Los Angeles City Hall
Council Chambers
January 13th 7pm - 10pm ($) “A Great Day in Black Hollywood” Opening of the 23rd S.E. Manly African American Film Festival and Market Place
Jan. 13th 6:30pm Screening and discussion of Ava Duvernay’s movie: 13th
Jan. 14th 9pm - 12pm S.E. Manly African American Youth Film Festival
Jan. 14th 12pm - 8pm  ($) S.E. Manly African American Film Festival continues
Jan., 14 8pm- 10:30pm ($) S.E. Manly African American Film Festival continues with An Evening With Films With A Purpose Los Angeles Premiers of 3 short films
Jan. 14th 7pm Annual MLK Concert with the LA Inner-City Youth Orchestra / LA Chamber Orchestra
Jan. 15th Varied times Justice Sunday
Jan. 15th 4pm “What Martin Luther King Jr. Means to Us Today”
Jan. 15th 12pm - 8pm  ($) S.E. Manly African American Film Festival
Closing and Soul Food Reception
Jan. 16th 9am Annual Kingdom Day Parade
Jan. 16th 5pm     ($) 2017 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Awards
& Benefit Gala
Feb. 1st 7pm

Rev. William Barber

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We feel the issue of economic disparity is an issue that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be fighting against today, as he did with the creation of, Operation Breadbasket and other similar programs. SCLC-SC of Greater Los Angeles will continue in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., by developing and partnering with programs that will close the economic gap, enhance the education of our youth, address employment & stimulate economic development within the African American community.

smart_william_thumbPastor William D Smart Jr,
SCLC-SC President/CEO


To promote spiritual principles within our membership and local communities.

To educate youth and adults in the area of personal responsibility, leadership potential and community service.